NoFly WP

Microbial Bioinsecticide for Greenhouses and Poultry / Livestock Operations

Death to Poultry & Swine Pests

NoFly WP is a microbial bioinsecticide containing a high concentration of the fungi Isaria fumosoroseus FE 9901. When applied this powerful organism contacts the pest, attaches itself to the body, germinates and kills the target.
Afflicted insects will stop feeding within 24 hours and die in 5-7 days.

NoFly WP is effective against:

  • Litter beetles
  • Mites
  • Moths
  • Gnats
  • Whiteflies
  • And many other pests!
NoFly WP - Eliminate Darkling Beetles and other pests

NoFly WP is a powerful biological insecticide for use in greenhouses, commercial poultry houses, livestock barns, & animal housing application against Litter Beetles (Darkling, Hide and Carrion), Northern Fowl Mites, Red Poultry Mites, Moths, Gnats, and more!

Above: Beetle infected with Isaria fumosoroseus FE 9901


NoFly WP is an Organic Pest Solution

Use of NoFly WP will not harm animals, livestock or beneficial insects (including honey bees), is labeled for organic use and has a 0-day pre-harvest interval.

NoFly WP is a safe and effective tool to add to your Integrated Pest Management program:

  • Perfect rotational partner
  • No Resistance issues
  • Safe for animals
  • Dissolves easily into solution
  • 0-day PHI
  • Approved for organic use

NoFly WP Directions & Application Rate

NoFly WP consists of spores of an entomopathogenic fungus that are susceptible to high temperatures, dryness and ultraviolet radiation. Avoid these potential adverse effects by applying the product in late afternoon, in the early morning and at mid to high relative humidity (if practical, pre-watering of crop is strongly suggested). Use sufficient water to ensure thorough coverage of the foliage including the underside of leaves.

  • Use 1-3 oz of NoFly WP per 12 gallons of water
  • Apply as a coarse spray to poultry and livestock bedding, litter, floors, walls, cages, nest boxes, nest pads, cracks and crevices, and to other housing equipment where insect pests collect, travel, rest, hide, harbor or breed.
  • Apply when animals are not in the area being treated.
  • Not registered in all states. 
  • Always read and follow label directions.
NoFly WP 20lb Pail

NoFly WP Technical Information

General Description:
Naturally-occurring fungus, geographically widespread, and common pathogen of insect pests.

Pests Suppressed/Controlled:
Whiteflies, aphids, thrips, psyllids, mealybugs, leaf hoppers, plant bugs, weevils, grasshoppers, Mormon crickets, locust, beetles (including darkling and hide beetles), mites (including russet, spider mites and chicken mites) bagrada bugs, lygus bugs and fungus gnats.

Isolated from the carcass of a whitefly.

Temperature Tolerance:
Optimal temperature for sporelation of Isaria spores is between 72-840 F (22-280 C).

Optimal humidity of I. fumosoroseus FE 9901 is 50% or greater. If humidity is below 50%, spray product immediately after general watering or irrigation.

PH Tolerance:
NoFly WP is unaffected by pH ranges from 4.0 – 9.0

Shelf Life:
NoFly WP will remain viable at room temperature for up to 6 months. Refrigeration will extend the shelf life to 12 months. Storage recommendation at temperatures between 340 – 720 F.

Chemical Compatibility:
NoFly WP is compactible with some synthetic and natural insecticides and fungicides. See backside of this brochure for current list. Avoid tank mixing with chemical fungicides.

UV Sensitivity:
The spores of NoFly WP are UV sensitive. Product should be sprayed in the early morning hours or evening to prevent degradation.