JBI Poultry Foaming Trailer

Time Saving • Superior Disinfectant Coverage • Increased Kill Rates

Designed and Engineered Exclusively for Poultry Barn Clean Outs

  • 14-18’ ft. folding boom on rear to effectively foam and treat floors, dirt, asphalt, and concrete.
  • Foaming wand spray reaches walls, ceiling, feeders, and watering trays 16-18’ feet away.
  • Optional extension wand is available for further reach.
  • Gas powered and mixing tank for remote portable use.
  • EASY cleanup after disinfecting for proper biosecurity standards and long-lasting use.
JBI Southeast Disinfectant Team

Built for Durability, Portability, and Ease-of-Use

  • Built with a Honda motor for reliability and an automatic electric starter.
  • Anti-freeze tank for improved winterization.
  • Engineered with durable parts, stainless steel connections, and piping to withstand harsh environments.

Built for the Foaming Power of D7

The JBI Poultry Foaming Trailer was built specifically to harness the broad-spectrum foaming power of D7 Disinfectant. Foaming with D7 has been proven to increase contact time which in-turn enhances kill rates of pathogens even when biofilms are present. D7 is a disinfectant solution that is both low in corrosivity and low in toxicity, making it a better solution for your animals, personnel, and facilities compared to traditional disinfectant methods.

Basic Ingredients of D7


Hydrogen peroxide




Inorganic salts (like baking soda)


Hydrogen peroxide booster



Disinfectant Foaming of Poultry Barn

Digital Flowserve Transfer Metered Pump

  • Ability to quickly and equally mix chemicals into
    holding tank.
  • Pre-programmed dilution rate settings.
  • Pull alongside barrels, easy transfer of chemicals.
  • Consistent measuring and no spills
JBI Poultry Foaming Trailer

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