AMAX™ Biocatalytic Waste Treatment

AMAX™ is designed to breaks down biological materials.

AMAX™ Features

AMAX™ is a biocatalyst specifically designed to breakdown biological material in waste treatment applications. It is all-natural and GRAS-certified. What can AMAX™ do?

Biological Treatment Products

Product Solutions

Improves Commercial Fertilizer Value

  • AMAX™ releases the nutrients contained in the solids it breaks down.
  • Manure treated with AMAX™ decreases the need for additional nutrient inputs compared to untreated manure.
  • Increases in fertilizer value may range from 10 to 20%. Results will vary, depending on manure contents.

Breaks Down Solids

  • AMAX™ can be dispersed within a barn to breakdown solids and shorten the cleaning process significantly.
  • Application results in observable reduction in the lagoon solids content.
  • The breakdown of biological material releases nutrients, which reinvigorate lagoon bacteria.
  • Viable, active bacteria speed up the breakdown of solids, allowing for faster lagoon, pit, or barn turnover.
  • Agitation time can be reduced.

Improves Pumping Ease

  • Rapid solid breakdown promotes decreased viscosity and improved flowability to shorten pumping time.
  • Breakdown of solids reduces the likelihood of plugs in pit drainage systems.

Proven to Reduce Foam

  • AMAX™ offers dual-action foam control to reduce existing foam and help inhibit future foam formation.
  • Foam is eliminated without harming beneficial lagoon or soil microbes.

Reduces Odors

  • Some users report a noticeable reduction
    in odor and pest harborage.