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The Bio-Station
Custom Branded Portable Touchless Hand Sanitizing Station
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Face Masks & Shields
Customized washable face masks for adults and children are now available in a variety of styles.
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Bio-Box & Bio-Barrier 360
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JBI Distributors & Services

The Solutions Provider
JBI Distributors

JBI Distributors LLC is focused on the distribution of the revolutionary industry disinfectant and deodorizer solution, D7. In addition, we provide products and solutions that are complementary to the industry of protecting our food supply chain via biosecurity.

JBI Services

JBI Services is building products for the industry that drive efficiency, utilizing cutting edge technologies, all while providing solutions and services that benefit our customers. For example, our patent pending JBI Poultry Foaming Trailer and JBI Truck Foaming Wash Out solution.

JBI Distributors & Services Corporate Overview

Biosecurity Solutions

Commercial โ€ข Education โ€ข Industrial โ€ข Public Safety โ€ข Livestock โ€ข Food Processing

Biosecurity Solutions For All Sectors

Our core-business is focused on protecting our food supply chain via livestock producers and food processing facilities. But when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States in 2020, our team understood the importance of sharing our biosecurity expertise on a broader scale.

Residential & Commercial

Residential & Commercial

We have solutions to keep families & businesses safe. From disinfectants for purchase that are safe to use around pets, children, and families to atomizing services for businesses, property managers, and office environments to PPE to protect your employees and customers.



Every year schools & college campuses face waves of illness come winter time when pathogens are at their peak. JBI can help protect your students with hand sanitizers, touchless hand sanitizing dispensers & stations, disinfectants, sanitizing wipes, and other means of personal protective equipment (PPE). Contact our office today to see how we can help meet your needs.

JBI Truck Foam Wash

Manufacturing & Transportation

Whether you’re a transit authority, industrial manufacturer, or somewhere in-between – we have answers for your situation. Our disinfectants can be used to wipe down the interiors of vehicles or used with our Disinfectant Mixing Stations for your facility’s maintenance crew to use for mopping and cleaning high traffic touch-points.

JBI has solutions for vehicle wash stations

Vehicle Wash Operations

D7 Public Safety

Public Safety

One of the disinfectants we carry, Decon7, was originally created to counter dangers that first responders could meet in the field, from chemical attacks to biohazard contaminants. The same advanced formula that D7 is based on has been used numerous times to remediate public spaces following harmful toxic attacks, such as the Hart building following an anthrax attack in the wake of 9/11.

Swine, Poultry, and Dairy Barns & Facilities

Swine, Poultry, and Dairy Producers

The revolutionary solution of Decon7 is changing how producers protect their animals from harmful pathogens. Our professional team is equipped to disinfect your facilities before the next round of animals are introduced to their new environment. If you’re having issues with PED, PRRS, E. Coli, Salmonella, and other pathogens, contact our team today for solutions.

Food Processing Facilities

Food Processing Facilities

Similar to what we do for livestock producers, our advancements in biosecurity are revolutionizing how theย  food supply chain is protected from harmful pathogens. With the power of our foaming cannon, we can cover an entire facility with a disinfectant foam. Foaming increasing contact time and allows our disinfectant to get into all the nooks and crannies that might otherwise be missed by conventional methods of sanitization.

Products & Services

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D7 Disinfectant

Tools & Services


Animal LED Lighting

Maxilight Boots

JBI Distributors