PURE Hard Surface
A Safe, Easy, and Effective Disinfectant Solution
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NoFly WP
Death to pests in poultry houses & swine barns.
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Security Floorยฎ Treatment
Shoe, Drain, and Entryway Control Treatment
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Bio-Box & Bio-Barrier 360
Investing in the future of your farm through science, innovation, and ingenuity.
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Sanitizing Wipes & Dispensers
Convenient Disposable Sanitizing Wipes For Many Uses
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The Bio-Station
Custom Branded Portable Touchless Hand Sanitizing Stations
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JBI Distributors & Services

The Solutions Provider
JBI Distributors

JBI Distributors LLC is focused on the distribution of the revolutionary industry disinfectant and deodorizer solution, D7. In addition, we provide products and solutions that are complementary to the industry of protecting our food supply chain via biosecurity.

JBI Services

JBI Services is building products for the industry that drive efficiency, utilizing cutting edge technologies, all while providing solutions and services that benefit our customers. For example, our patent pending JBI Poultry Foaming Trailer and JBI Truck Foaming Wash Out solutions.

JBI Distributors & Services Corporate Overview

Sectors We Serve

Experts in Biosecurity & Innovation.
Food Processing Facilities

Food Processing Facilities

JBI is revolutionizing how we protect the food supply chain.ย  Food processing facilities across the country are now contacting JBI to help combat dangerous pathogens. Whether it’s our advanced floor treatment solution, our superior rubber work boot, our complete facility disinfection service… JBI has a solution for you.

Swine, Poultry, and Dairy Barns & Facilities

Animal Producers

JBI is changing how animal producers fight against harmful pathogens with the foaming power of D7 Disinfectant. If you’re having issues with PED, PRRS, E. Coli, Salmonella, and other illness causing pathogens, contact us today to learn more about how our professional disinfectant service team can provide your operation with convenient solutions.

School Building

Education & Government

Every year schools are faced with waves of illness. JBI can help school districts protect their students and faculty with safe disinfectants, hand sanitizers, touchless hand sanitizing dispensers & stations, sanitizing wipes, and other means of personal protective equipment (PPE). Contact our office today to see how we can help meet your needs.

D7 Public Safety

Public Safety

One of the disinfectants we carry, Decon7, was originally created to counter dangers that first responders could meet in the field, from chemical attacks to bio-hazard contaminants. The same advanced formula that D7 is based on has been used numerous times to remediate public spaces following harmful toxic attacks, such as the Hart building following an anthrax attack in the wake of 9/11.

Manufacturing & Industrial

Industrial Manufacturing

From big to small, JBI enhances manufacturers across the country by providing high quality cost effective products, solutions, and services. Whether you’re looking for maintenance / cleaning aerosols, degreasers, general supplies, or facility disinfection services… JBI has a solution for you.

JBI Truck Foam Wash

Transportation & Vehicle Services

Whether you’re looking for cleaning and sanitation services for transportation fleets; biosecurity solutions for truck washouts at animal producer facilities, cooperatives, and other locations; liquid solutions for car washes; or everyday items used in repair shops and dealerships settings… JBI has a solution for you.

Residential & Commercial

Residential & Commercial

When it comes to biosecurity solutions to keep families & businesses protected during seasons of illness; whether you need disinfectants, sanitizers, PPE, or facility disinfectant services… JBI has a solution for you. Contact JBI today for free consultation.

JBI has a complete catalog of high quality every-day-use items for businesses ranging from janitorial sanitation; to hand, laundry, and dish soaps; and beyond.

Biosecurity Solutions

Products for protecting humans and animals from pathogens.

D7 Disinfectant

Revolutionary disinfectant for protecting our food supply chain.

PURE Hard Surface

Broad spectrum disinfectant to eliminate dangerous pathogens.


Hand sanitizers, sanitizing wipes, and dispensers.


Masks, gloves, face shields, and more.

Biosecurity Innovations

Innovative tools to enhance your facility's biosecurity protocols.

Disinfectant Services

JBI's professional Disinfectant Service Team gets the job done right.

Animal LED Lighting

Improve animal welfare while saving money.

Maxilight Boots

Extremely lightweight and durable rubber work boot.

General Solutions

Enhance your business with cost saving high quality products from JBI.


Maintenance & Cleaning Aerosols

Cleaning Machines

Pressure washers, parts washers, vacuums, and more.

Degreasers & Specialty

Remove grease from all surfaces and more.

General Supplies

Paper towels, toilet paper, mops, brooms, and more.

Hand, Laundry, & Dish Soap

No stain is safe from us.

Janitorial Sanitation

Save money, clean more.

Vehicle Wash Solutions

Easily remove bugs and grime from vehicles.
JBI Distributors