JBI Teams With Swine it to Deliver Research and Operational Knowledge to Live Animal Producers


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Red Oak, Iowa, Oct. 6, 2022 JBI Distributors LLC, a leading provider of biosecurity services and products  nationwide and distributor of Decon7 disinfection and sanitization solutions for agricultural and food operations, announced its partnership with Swine it, a leading producer of podcasts, educational courses, web conferences and digital tools to communicate with live animal nutritionists, veterinarians and producers. The two companies are collaborating to deliver podcasts for the swine industry relating to best biosecurity practices and leading-edge research relevant to swine production. In addition, JBI will lend its expertise in poultry production biosecurity to assist Swine it in launching its new The Poultry Podcast Show (www.poultrypodcastshow.com).

“We are excited to be working with JBI and tapping their expertise in biosecurity across animal production landscapes,” said Dr. Márcio Gonçalves, chief executive officer and founder of Swine it. “Building on our success as a go-to information source for swine health, we are responding to demand from poultry producers and consultants to deliver content addressing similar needs in the poultry industry. Partnering with thought leaders and experts possessing deep experience in the health and nutrition aspects of the poultry industry will ensure our podcasts and educational materials will deliver the same level of reliable and timely information we are known for in the swine world. We will soon be updating our company name to reflect this evolution across the livestock industry.”

As a sponsor of the highly rated Swine Health Blackbelt Podcast hosted by Dr. Clayton Johnson, JBI will assist Swine it in securing guests to participate in impactful interviews regarding biosecurity and animal health research and practices. JBI will also leverage its deep ties to the poultry industry to engage guests for the The Poultry Podcast Show.

“Swine it is well known for its relentless commitment to delivering information that can affect daily and long-term live animal operations, and we are proud to become a part of their programming and educational efforts,” said Nick Moser, senior vice president of JBI. “The poultry industry faces as many animal health and biosecurity threats as the swine industry, and through this partnership with Swine it we believe we can offer relevant and timely information about practices and solutions which address pressing issues such as avian influenza and other threats unique to poultry production.”

To learn more about Decon7 and JBI biosecurity services and products, please visit https://www.jbidistributors.com/. Visit www.swineit.com  to learn abouts its podcast and educational materials.

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JBI is a biosecurity products and services company based in Iowa, serving the U.S. with advanced products and services for all livestock, food preparation and distribution and agricultural enterprises. JBI Distributors provides the revolutionary D7 disinfectant/sanitizer developed by the U.S. military for safe and complete decontamination in forward areas. In addition, the company represents a portfolio of biosecurity products and services. JBI Services provide turnkey installations of biosecurity systems, biohazard mitigation education and employee biosecurity training. For more information about JBI, please visit https://www.jbidistributors.com/ or email info@boeye.tech


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