JBI Poultry Foaming Trailer

Specifically designed for poultry barn clean outs and disinfecting through a foaming action.  Foaming upon surfaces of disinfectant chemicals, provides better contact time and assures cleaner environments .  The poultry foaming trailer is designed to cover entire surfaces including vertical walls, ceilings and floors.  The versatile boom is engineered for a one person operation, including a wireless remote shut off of the entire system.

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JBI Truck Foaming Wash Out

Biosecurity for the transport of livestock via trucks and trailers,  is critical to assure minimizing or eliminating the spread of bacteria and disease. JBI has developed a complete solution to address the areas of truck bay wash outs in these facilities.  Includes foaming applicators, wash out mixing dispenser and a metering of your disinfectant product and soap.

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D7 Soap