Tools & Services

Innovative solutions to maximize our customer's biosecurity.

Disinfectant Services

Do you have a facility that needs disinfecting? Our team has the professional experience disinfecting livestock barns of top producers across the country – everything from swine and poultry barns to dairy operations. We are the last step into a facility before new animals are introduced.

JBI Poultry Foaming Trailer & Cannon

Specifically designed for poultry barn clean-outs and disinfecting through a foaming action. Applying disinfectants as a foam upon surfaces provides better contact time and assures cleaner environments. The JBI Poultry Foaming Trailer was designed to cover entire surfaces including vertical walls, ceilings, and floors. The versatile boom is engineered for a one person operation, including a wireless remote shut off of the entire system.

Truck Washout / Disinfectant Mixing Stations

Whether you’re looking for a biosecurity solution for your truck bay washouts, or if you’re in a manufacturing plant that has a large footprint to disinfect, our Disinfectant Mixing Stations can help minimize or eliminate the spread of illness causing pathogens. Our stations include foaming applicators, a washout mixing dispenser, and metering of your disinfectant product and soap.

Biosecurity Box & Bio Barrier 360

Research has shown on average that only 50 percent of the surface areas of items in fumigation rooms are being touched by the disinfectants. Since it only takes one pathogen to cause an outbreak on a farm, it is crucial that this failure in biosecurity be addressed, thus is why the Biosecurity Box & the Bio Barrier 360 were developed.