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D7 for Live Facilities and Food Processing Plants

FSQA managers are responsible for the safety and quality of the food that leaves their facility. Not only do they have a responsibility to shareholders and the company’s brand integrity, but they also have a duty to the public and their workers to provide an environment that is safe, clean, and free from contamination.
That’s why the biggest names in industry trust D7 for their most demanding sanitation and biosecurity problems. Whether you need to take care of a current problem or you’d like to prevent potential outbreaks in the future, our solution gives you the power you need without sacrificing environmental safety.

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Food Processing Plants

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Mushroom Farms

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Recommended Use for Facilities and Livestock Touch-Points

Key Advantages of D7

Decon7’s Expansion into Food & Biosecurity

A 2015 avian flu outbreak in the United States prompted the exploration of application cases for the food and biosecurity industry. After targeted testing, it soon became apparent that D7’s powerful formula was perfect for tackling food contamination issues, both in reaction to outbreaks and preventively for ongoing cleaning and sanitization. At the same time, D7’s hydrogen-peroxide-based methodology was gentle enough to protect valuable equipment and safe enough to use in food production facilities*.

Since 2015, Decon7 has carefully proceeded with the exhaustive process of registering our decontamination product with the EPA, meticulously proving each claim once again through third-party testing.

(*A potable water rinse is required after application on food contact surfaces.)

Common Microbial Infections and Pathogenic Viruses Countered by D7

Sanitation Is Only As Effective As Its Reach

Facilities across the country depend on Decon7 to perform regular cleaning and prevent contamination outbreaks, protecting their brand, workers, and customers. D7 breaks down toxins and microbes at the molecular level, killing DNA traces and making it impossible for superbugs to breed in your facility.

We achieve thorough sanitation and disinfection through proprietary delivery options, including fog, foam, and spray. This means that you’re getting places that no other cleaning process has covered, attacking persistent microbes that are harbored on downward-facing surfaces, hard-to-reach corners, and high ceilings.